Principal Dancer Julia Erickson Exploring Karmiel

Julia and some other dancers had some time to spend in Karmiel and stumbled upon a great food and kitchen shop in Karmiel at lunch time and did some shopping.

Julia Erickson with Danielle Downey and Caitlin Peabody posing by a Karmiel Dance Festival billboard

Julia Erickson buying some dried fruit for a snack at the food shop in Karmiel

Julia Erickson buying some nuts for a snack at the food shop in Karmiel

dried Kiwi!

Some Israeli candy in Karmiel

Some Israeli dried fruit in Karmiel

Julia Erickson making her purchase at the Karmiel food shop

Julia in front of the “Julia” jewelry store in Karmiel

Right when Julia spotted her “Julia” jewelry store, Alexa (Alexandra Kochis) found the “Alexa” hair salon in Karmiel!


One comment on “Principal Dancer Julia Erickson Exploring Karmiel

  1. Ehud Bar AV says:

    Hi , was at the show in Karmiel,,,, GREAT inspiring and glad to see you also seem to have had a good time here ( from the blog) Thanks and keep on dancing,,,,,

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