Israel Tour Photos from Dancer Nicholas Coppula

Cooper Verona waiting for the delayed flight out of Pittsburgh.

Julia Erickson’s bag–packed full of Barre.

Gathering the group upon arrival to Tel Aviv.

Relaxing on the roof deck of Acco Beach Hotel and enjoying the view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Waiting for the bus in the hotel lobby.

Carrying the therapy table to the bus.

On the bus to go to the first day of rehearsals in Israel.

Luca Sbrizzi working out the kinks from a long day of traveling.

Julia Erickson and Eva Trapp lounging on the studio floor.

The company preparing for class.

Eva Trapp and Gabby Thurlow heading into the old city of Acre.

A Mosque in Acre

Dinner the first night in Israel. It was absolutely delicious.

There were cats all over Israel. This one took particularly to Yoland Collin, the company Pianist.

Eva Trapp eating the most amazing salad ever. No one spoke English at this restaurant, and there was no English menu.

The bazaar at the Karmiel Dance Festival.

Cooper Verona with his Karmiel Dance Festival security tag.

The Karmiel Dance Festival.

Thousands of people gathered to watch the opening performance of the Karmiel Dance Festival.

Julia Erickson doing some Pilates in the aisle of the theatre.

Executive Director, Harris Ferris, sitting in the house before the first performance.

Robert Moore leaning in to a dressing room backstage in Karmiel.

One of the small dressing rooms backstage in Karmiel.

Robert Moore stretching in the doorway to his dressing room.

Luca Sbrizzi waiting for rehearsal to begin.

Artistic Director, Terrence Orr, considering solutions some technical challenges.

Eva Trapp reading inscription of the wall of this church in Nazareth.

A shop in Nazareth.

A local shop owner showing us unroasted and roasted coffee beans.

A coffee grinder and empty sack in the coffee and spice shop.

The shop owner scooping spices in his shop in Nazareth.

Julia Erickson and Eva Trapp in the car traveling from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee.

Julia Erickson, Aaron Ingley, Nick Coppula, and Eva Trapp after a late lunch on the Sea of Galilee.

The Sea of Galilee.

A room in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem.

Julia Erickson and Aaron Ingley in the streets of Jerusalem.

Eva Trapp, Julia Erickson, and Aaron Ingley on the rampart walls of Jerusalem.

Walking through the crowed streets in Jerusalem.

A street in Jerusalem.

The drive through the desert to the Dead Sea.

A camel near the Dead Sea.


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